Tree Trimming

Woodland Tree Services – They’re pro’s.  They’re professional arborists.  They can tackle any project related to tree trimming, and they can get it done right.  Of note, they also have a custom carpentry gallery where they make furniture from some of the wood they use.  They also sell firewood by the pallet. 

I used them when we took a 50′ oak out of our backyard that was threating the house and powerlines.  We had limited equipment access, and I thought it was going to be a huge headache.  They didn’t even blink. They got the tree down and off my property, and they ground the stump.  It was just another day.  They’re not the cheapest in town, but felling large trees in tight spaces is not some place I want to skimp.

Also,  If you move into an older home with large, established trees in the yard, save yourself some storm damage and have them trim your trees before you get to buy a new fence, roof or deck.


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