Folk’s Folly

Folks Folly Steakhouse – In 1977, Humphrey Folk, Jr was a developer in the Midsouth and decided that our fair city needed a good, white table cloth steakhouse.  Colleagues and associates booed his plan saying that it would be nothing but Folly.  Thus a legend was born with a chip on its shoulder.  37 years later its still going strong and the Folk family is still heavily involved in the construction industry as well as the steakhouse.  Here endeth the history lesson, on to food.

Skip the salad.  I’m sure its tasty.  Don’t waste your appetite on salad here.  Fried pickles are an original appetizer item, but I’d be sparing with those too.

This is a steakhouse.  Get a softball.  Get it medium rare.  If you’re a vegetarian on a date, get a petite filet.  Cut a couple pieces off and push them around your plate.  Let him finish the rest of it for you.  He’ll be smitten.

All the sides are A La Carte.  My favorite are all the varieties of potatoes.  Lyonnaise, Au Gratin, Garlic Mashed, etc.  The creamed spinach is also excellent.

Desserts here are excellent.  Amaretto freeze is an excellent adult milkshake, but all the desserts worth the calories.

Folks Folly also a variety of seating options.  For business deals and quiet anniversary dinners, they have small, intimate private rooms (They go quick, call ahead). They have a separate bar and lounge which is less formal, but offers the full menu.  Then there are the grander dining halls for parties and bigger business events.  The staff are excellently trained and on their game.

Local’s Choice: Filet Medium Rare, Potatoes Au Gratin and Creamed Spinach to split with the wife followed by an Amaretto freeze or Bread Pudding.

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