Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizza

Pyro’s Fire Fresh Pizza – If Henry Ford had a pizza joint, it would look like Pyro’s.  Their sweet spot is made to order, personal sized, thin-crust pizzas.  All the ingredients are fresh and they build your pie in front of your eyes.  Its like a burrito bar or sub shop, they start with you crust, and give you a choice of sauces, cheeses, meats, followed by a Farmer’s Market worth of fresh vegetables.  Each station has its own attendant, and your pizza comes together in about 2 minutes while you wait in line.  You pay then sit, while they fire your pizza in an oven the size of an industrial kiln.

Typically, I’m not a thin crust guy. I was skeptical that I was going to need to double down since most thin crust pizzas are like a pita chip with sauce and cheese. However, the BBQ Pizza was loaded with enough pulled pork and bacon to carry its own man card.

Oh, by the way, they serve beer too, and they have a few TV’s to keep you in the loop on SEC football developments.

Local’s Choice: BBQ Pizza + the seasonal Wiseacre Beer on Tap


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