Muddy’s Bake Shop & Grindhouse

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Muddy’s Bake Shop – several years ago, local girl Kat Gordon was out of school and decided to collect her grandmother’s (Muddy) cake recipes and have a go at the world.  She makes excellent cakes, cupcakes, cookies and pies that are now a staple of the East Memphis Sweet Tooth.  With creative names like Grasshopper (chocolate mint), Frankly Scarlet (red velvet) and Prozac (chocolate + chocolate).

Muddy’s is more than a bakery.  Its become a local cultural hub.  For all the sugar that goes out the doors on pickup, they have cafe tables and outside patio reminiscent of a European street cafe.

With a book club and their support for local community development, their support runs deep too.  Some ill-advised troll falsely accused them for picking sides in an overblown political issue, social media roiled with support for Kat and her business causing a groundswell of new customers.

Local’s Choice: Grasshopper Cupcake – pinch off half of the cake bottom and flip it over to place it on the top, now you have a gourmet Oreo.  Level Up.


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