BED ROCK Eats and Sweets


Bed Rock Eats and Sweets: If you are conscientious about dining and exercise and you like really well made food that is in the Paleo Diet discipline, then Bedrock is an excellent choice.


Started by Brandi Marter who was introduced to the Paleo concept at a local Crossfit Gym, she’s built a great business out of producing high quality food that is very nourishing.  She’s reteaching much of the Memphis landscape what it means to “eat healthy.”


I ordered an enchilada that was a very tasty and satisfying knife and fork affair.

My lunch partner ordered a banana and waffle combo that was really excellent as well.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a nutritious, healthy option in the downtown area, BedRock is the place to go.  They’ve also got great smoothies and a fridge full of takeout and catering options as well.





City East

City East is the local kosher style bagel shop and deli.  Great bagels. Great breakfast skillets, and some of the best pancakes I’ve had in Memphis.

If you’re staying east of the loop in Memphis, this is a great place to go eat. 

 I used to be a regular here for a weekly breakfast before I moved further away.  I miss how those days started in their cozy little cafe with warm bagels and other great breakfast choices.

Local’s Choice: Pastrami Skillet, Pancakes and Bagels of Course

Elwood’s Shack

Elwood’s Shack Let me start with a few observations.  Yes, its in a Lowe’s parking lot.  Yes, there is limited seating inside.  We saw people in their Sunday best after church waiting for a table out in the sleet on a freezing day.  If the movers and shakers of Memphis will wait in a Lowe’s parking lot in the freezing rain, then Elwood’s is clearly doing something right.  

We took the family for Sunday brunch and had a wonderful Dixie Eggs Benedict (on a biscuit vice English muffin).  Little Bit’s grilled cheese was a stout affair with a serious layer of cheddar and soft whole wheat bread–she was all over it, The Wife’s Avocado Turkey sandwich on a croissant was a great as well.  This place has legendary brisket, a great smoked chicken Philly and the smoked turkey sandwich are great.

Oh by the way, their cinnamon rolls are a level up.  It tastes like they’ve used honey as the sugar base for the glaze.

Locals Choice: 

Breakfast:Dixie Benedict and Cinnamon rolls
Lunch: Chicken Philly or Brisket 

Stone Soup Cafe and Market

Stone Soup Cafe and Market – located in an quaint house just south of Young, this little cafe does breakfast right. They have biscuits, pancake, quiche, crepes and omelets.

Farmers are real men, and real men eat pie. And the Quiche Lorraine is like a rich farmer’s omelet pie. So therefore, Real men DO eat quiche. Debate solved.
Their pancake (singular) is about the size of a VW hubcap. Fluffy and delightful it’s a great share item with little ones too.
Their crepes are excellent, and it wouldn’t be Memphis if there weren’t a peanut butter and banana crepe on the menu, which is a great excuse to eat dessert for breakfast.
Finally, if you’re a bear looking to hibernate for the winter then get the Gut Bomb. Grits, sausage, eggs and cheese layered in bowl. It’s only a step above strapping on a feedbag, but it’s delicious.
I’ve only ever eaten breakfast here, but they do serve lunch and cater as well. Their market in the back has a case full of baked goods that could give Wilford Brimley years of job security.

Brother Juniper’s

Brother Juniper’s – There’s a small, dated home on the south side of the University of Memphis which clings to vestiges of a bygone era when this area was quaint neighborhood instead of the bustling university district. From this modest home, the Koplin family serves breakfast to college students and Memphis power players alike.  The coffee mugs are a mixed bag and the sodas come in a can, but the meals they produce are outstanding.  Everything from breakfast standards to open faced omelets to black bean burritos.  The food here is hearty and excellent.

Local’s Choice: Black bean burrito with hash browns