Wisacre Brewing Company

Wiseacre Brewing Co. – Wiseacre is one of the more recent Memphis brewery’s to come online.  While technically not a brewpub because they have no kitchen, they do have a large gravel parking lot populated by sundry foodtrucks.  Its a great place to go hang out and try some great beers.  Inside is a great atmosphere with the commercial brewing equipment behind a glass window along the whole back wall.

Its a great afternoon hangout under the highway next to the railroad tracks in an older, once industrial part of Memphis that is right off of Sam Cooper Blvd.

Locals Choice: Just Go and try the beers



Bosco’s is the original Memphis brewpub. They only sell in house brews here, so it’s an excellent time to show your “Bud Light Beer Snob” buddy what real beer tastes like. With names like Isle of Skye, Flaming Stone and Midtown Brown you have to actually have to read the tasting notes and figure out what you like. They do taste flights which are a great way to get a feel for the flavor spectrum of beer. They do gallon growlers for take home, and when you’re done you can bring them back for a refill. Bosco’s also has a commercial brewery called Ghost River which is sold locally by the bottle or you can buy kegs at the brewery loading docks.

Excellent food all around, specialty dish here is the wood fired pizzas.  These are personal sized and great to get a couple and share between the table. 

Local’s choice: Midtown Brown and a Flaming Stone for the wife. We both get the Germantown Purist Pizza.