Havana’s Pilon

The bottom line: there is no other place in Memphis that serves authentic Cuban food, and in true Cuban style, Havana’s Pilon is a no frills approach to a fantastic fare at a reasonable price. The Pilon is worth the visit just to see what Fidel Castro might be eating at this very moment across the gulf. 
Don’t stop at the Cuban sandwich, phenomenal though it may be. Stretch your palette and sample a ham and cheese empenada, fried plantain, and the picadillo.  AND, because you really need to take our advice and go all in. Nothing on the menu will break the bank, so there is no point in holding back. 
For the uninformed, Cuban coffee is similar to taking a venti Starbucks coffee and boiling it down to a knock-you-on-your-tail caffeine injection. Legend has it the keys to Fidel’s longevity lie within the local cafecito Cubano brew, and Havana’s Pilon is the best place to get it.