Central BBQ

Central BBQ -In addition to the Memphis standards ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, they offer items like BBQ Nacho’s, BBQ Turkey Sandwich and BBQ Bologna sandwich.  This is the heart and soul of Memphis BBQ.  There are lots of locations and I eat there once every other week.  This is where locals eat BBQ for lunch and family Tuesday night dinners when work ran late and there’s nothing in the fridge.  Its fast, its good and its not expensive.  For a Memphian, eating Central is like New Englander grabbing Dunkin’ Donuts its just part of the routine.   For More Info on Memphis BBQ click here to read the BBQ reviews. 


Catherine and Mary’s


Catherine and Mary’s: To quote the timeless Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride: “Let me explain – no is too long. Let me sum up.”

Catherine and Mary’s is the latest super nova of the AM Catering constellation of stars run by Memphis’s culinary dynamic duo Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman.  This new foray puts them in the heart of the South Main district in the historic Chisca Hotel apartment development near the Orpheum Theater.

With a foundation in Tuscan and Sicilian food, this is a nice dinner with craft cocktails and new riffs on old standards that will provide you with a wonderful dining experience.


Chickpeas 2


Loflin Yard


Loflin Yard: Located at the very endcap of the south main district, Loflin Yard is a great concept for hangout, drinks, spontaneous big groups and a good time.  Its got two separate bars, a kitchen, a live sound stage and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating to hang with your friends.


Fire pits, picnic tables, large format jenga, rings games, corn hole, etc–there are plenty of hangout activities to play while unwinding after the day. We had a good time.  Its also the only “bar scene” in Memphis that I know about that had small children running around, which gave it a cool family friendly atmosphere earlier in the evening.


(This is critical parenting intel. This means that there’s a place where you can meet your friends who don’t have kids for a drink and hangout. You don’t have to hire a babysitter to participate, and your munchkin can run around the yard and play without driving everyone bananas.  Just parent responsibly. Capiche?)


We didnt eat, but they also have a pretty gourmet kitchen which appears to do high end small plates that look pretty good.


All in all, we had a delightful time at Loflin Yard, and would recommend it to anyone as a gathering place to hangout for drinks.

Gus’s Fried Chicken

Prove me wrong. I dare you. 
Local’s order: Fried Chicken. Beans Fries. Slaw. Lots of Cold Sweet Tea. 
CAUTION: It’s put In the fryer when you order it. Since it’s served at a temperature that’s slightly cooler than the surface of the Sun, be careful. Otherwise the first bite will sear the lining of your mouth, preventing further chicken enjoyment.

South of Beale

South of Beale -This is going to be short on purpose. SOB was an early pioneer in the Memphis Gastropub scene and the revitalization of South Main. EVERYONE that I’ve sent here has said it was one of the best meals they’ve ever had. The menu changes alot, and it’s one of the few places I’d let the chef pick a meal and just roll with it. 

Check the website out and see whats up for today’s menu.  Great bar. Great food. Great pizzas.  

If you do nothing else in town, eat here. Forget BBQ, eat here.

Tamp and Tap

Tamp and Tap in Downtown Memphis is a great spot for coffee, a light lunch or a pint after work. Nestled across from the Peabody in the Gayoso alleyway.  I have to admit, I didnt expect much from a coffee shop sandwich.  However both my compadre and I were blown away by the sandwiches we got.  They were just really really tasty and filling. This space and its accessibility to the rest of downtown Memphis are a great place to meet after work or a great place to start for an evening downtown.

Local’s Choice: The Imperial and a WiseAcre Draft

Renee’s Sandwich Shop

Renee’s Sandwich Shop – 202 GE Patterson Ave Memphis, TN 38103. They’re so low profile, they don’t have a website.  Don’t let that fool you, they’ve been around for forever. More than once, friends of mine have had members of the Grizzlies drop in while they were eating there.  If you’re downtown and looking for a good grilled sandwich that’s cheap, this is the place to go.  I enjoy it because its a good quiet place to break away from the day.  They also do a good cheap breakfast too. 

Local’s Choice: Kickin’ Chicken Grilled Chicken Philly Sandwich with onion rings and a bottomless tea.  The smoke sausage or bologna breakfast sandwich are winners too. 

Call in orders at 901-525-2963


Paulette’s – originally a midtown fixture, George Falls moved his restaurant to the River Inn on Mud Island to be the hotel restaurant.  This is the wife’s favorite date restaurant in the city.  The food is fresh and the scenery is lovely.  When we were Memphis expat’s, we stayed at the River Inn for our Anniversary and loved it.  

Locals choice: The wife always calls ahead on the day of the anniversary and gets them to hold an order of their lunch ham and cheese lunch crepes for dinner.  All crepes are excellent.  Popovers with strawberry butter and the filet are hard to beat.  I would highly recommend the Jamiacan Crepe, the Hot Chocolate Crepe and the Strawberry Crepe for dessert.