Rizzo’s Diner

Rizzo’s – Rizzo’s is small shop fine dining at its best. Less than 12 tables across the street from the Arcade. If you’re looking to spend more on a nice date, this is a great spot. But it won’t break the bank.

Local’s Choice: Lobster Pronto Pups, Scallops and Grits or Chorizo Meatloaf


Paulette’s – originally a midtown fixture, George Falls moved his restaurant to the River Inn on Mud Island to be the hotel restaurant.  This is the wife’s favorite date restaurant in the city.  The food is fresh and the scenery is lovely.  When we were Memphis expat’s, we stayed at the River Inn for our Anniversary and loved it.  

Locals choice: The wife always calls ahead on the day of the anniversary and gets them to hold an order of their lunch ham and cheese lunch crepes for dinner.  All crepes are excellent.  Popovers with strawberry butter and the filet are hard to beat.  I would highly recommend the Jamiacan Crepe, the Hot Chocolate Crepe and the Strawberry Crepe for dessert.