Firewood is one of those things you never think about until the power is out or it’s a stormy night and you want to get all snuggly.  Whether your strategy is to survive the storm or storm the castle, either way, planning is the key to victory.

La Famigla has a thing for a good, working wood fireplace, so as a result we have a good wood supplier too. If you’ve never used your wood fireplace read the chimney sweep article and take heed.

As for firewood, Eugene Worley lives near Hughes, Arkansas. He delivers and stacks excellent quality seasoned firewood wherever you want it. $200 worth will usually last you all winter, and you’ll make the Wood Man Christmas Card list.
When not delivering firewood, he runs a produce stand near the BP at the Horshoe Lake exit on I-40 just past West Memphis. Check it out during summertime when you want to see what’s fresh.

Coopertown Services

Coopertown Services


 Coopertown Services – One cold winter night when we though it would be romantic to burn a fire in the fireplace of our new home.  Our home inspector did not evaluate the fire place properly, and we almost burned the house down.

Bad deal.  Don’t do that.  Use a chimney sweep.

Ken Robinson at Coopertown Services is a master craftsman.  He’s worked on nearly every fireplace in La Famiglia.  These guys are incredibly professional and masters in their field.

A piece of advice.  Have your chimney inspected or work done when its still hot outside, they get slammed when it starts to get cold. You can end up waiting a couple weeks if you procrastinate.