RKA Investments: Ryan Anderson

RKA Investments  – Ryan Anderson got his start in a big engineering firm in town and then branched off into real estate as an agent. He’s a dedicated professional in all aspects of home purchase and sale and remodeling.  He’s incredibly easy to work with and his fee structure is straight forward.

He comes highly recommended by the some of the distinguished residential architects in town as being excellent to work with.  Whether you’re buying a house, building a house from the ground-up or renovating an existing home, RKA Investments is an trustworthy and professional agent and contractor.


Coldwell Banker: Lexie Johnston

Lexie Johnston – Lexie is extremely knowledgeable with lots of experience in the Memphis market.  She’s done everything from condo’s Downtown to large spreads in Cordova and everything in between.  Most of her sales are the Germantown, East Memphis and Midtown Markets.  She is very easy to work with and maintains a good pulse on the real estate market all over town.  I’d highly recommend working with Lexie if you’re looking to settle in the Memphis area.

Interior Design: York Binkley Interior Design


York Binkley Interior Design – Ashley Binkley has worked in the finest homes in the Memphis area.  She’s also worked in homes for families on a budget and just starting out.  She’s acted as contractor and project manager for whole house renovations or simply painting and arranging a single room. 

As a newlywed, I didnt realize how frustrating decorating a home could be.  The wife wants X (something polite and pretty) and the husband wants Y (some form of Guinnes Bar decor in the dining room).  We finally threw our hands up and decided to let someone help us.  The problem was we were just starting out professionaly and didnt have much to spend on this project.  Painting a DIY Network accent wall and repurposing a shopping cart for a coffee table didnt really seem like our thing.  We had a specific style and taste but wanted it to have a classic and timeless feel to it.
The problem was that any interior designer with a reputation wanted a minimum starting budget that rivaled my annual salary. No good.  For families on a budget, Ashley will develop a strategic plan and advise on which steps to make first to have the greatest impact.  Buy this, not that.  Spend your money here and arrange your furniture that way to maximize your money.  Ashley does an excellent job of getting to know your tastes and making the design something you’re happy with.

 Its great for me because when my better half gets an itch about decorating, I flip it to the interior designer.  Over several years, we’ve improved room by room and have half of our home that is very well coordinated that the wife and I both really love.  We recommended her to friends and La Famiglia, and they’re all very happy with her work from redoing dated homes to total renovation and redesign.

 The Bottom line is that working with York Binkley Interior Design is some of the best money I’ve spent on my home.  I’m happy with it because we’ve done it right. It looks great, and we didnt break the bank.


Firewood is one of those things you never think about until the power is out or it’s a stormy night and you want to get all snuggly.  Whether your strategy is to survive the storm or storm the castle, either way, planning is the key to victory.

La Famigla has a thing for a good, working wood fireplace, so as a result we have a good wood supplier too. If you’ve never used your wood fireplace read the chimney sweep article and take heed.

As for firewood, Eugene Worley lives near Hughes, Arkansas. He delivers and stacks excellent quality seasoned firewood wherever you want it. $200 worth will usually last you all winter, and you’ll make the Wood Man Christmas Card list.
When not delivering firewood, he runs a produce stand near the BP at the Horshoe Lake exit on I-40 just past West Memphis. Check it out during summertime when you want to see what’s fresh.

Coopertown Services

Coopertown Services


 Coopertown Services – One cold winter night when we though it would be romantic to burn a fire in the fireplace of our new home.  Our home inspector did not evaluate the fire place properly, and we almost burned the house down.

Bad deal.  Don’t do that.  Use a chimney sweep.

Ken Robinson at Coopertown Services is a master craftsman.  He’s worked on nearly every fireplace in La Famiglia.  These guys are incredibly professional and masters in their field.

A piece of advice.  Have your chimney inspected or work done when its still hot outside, they get slammed when it starts to get cold. You can end up waiting a couple weeks if you procrastinate.


Glenn Terhune Plumbing

In its second generation of ownership, Glenn Terhune Plumbing has been used by the family for years.  One of the few plumbers that you can say, “I need a new hot water heater, what do you have in your house?” (I actually did this a couple years ago and have been very happy.)

One of the Patriarchs in la Famiglia had them plumb the natural gas line and was impressed with the professionalism and work ethic. 

2820 Whitten Rd. 
Memphis, TN 38113