Milano’s Pizza Millington

Milano’s Pizza Millington is some of my favorite pizza in the greater Memphis area. There are other places that have great pizza, but this is one of my favorites in town.
There are several branches around Memphis, but my favorite spot is the Millington location.  It’s not unusual for us to hike to Millington to run errands so we can stop at the Milano’s for lunch or dinner. 
The pizza is made with whole milk mozzarella, so even the slice of cheese has the weight of a small piece of lasagna.
Milano’s makes excellent calzone’s and their meat stuffed pizza is the crown jewel of their creations. It’s knife and fork pizza.

NOV2015 Update:
I went in the other day with a friend and tried the seafood lasagna, and I discovered a whole new world.  It was amazing.  Their traditional Italian dishes are every bit as good as their pizza.  Now I have an issue of choosing pizza or lasagna whenever I’m in the Millington Milano’s
Local’s choice: Meat stuffed with red sauce on top, maybe a slice of cheese if I’m really hungry. Tiramisu is also the best kept secret in the restaurant. 

Also, if you’re feeding a soccer team, office or the 3rd Marine Division they sell wagon wheel pizza’s for large crowds.

Hog and Hominy

Hog and Hominy – Founded in the shadow of Clark Tower by the kind of rowdy Ole Miss frat boys that your mother warned you about, Hog and Hominy is an epicurean delight.  It merges two of the heaviest styles of cooking in the world, Southern and Italian.  The menu changes with the seasons and includes masterpieces like biscuit dough gnocchi carbonara with thick sliced bacon.  The Pizza Bianca that we had was wonderful.  Except for pizza, all dishes are served on small plates meant for sharing, so order half a dozen and pass them around.

Locals choice: Moscow Mule to drink, Biscuit Gnochi, Poutine (fries, gravy, cheese curd, caputo and chili oil) and the Pizza Bianca, Peanut Butter Pie, then a cab ride home, blanket, pillow and teddy bear.

Oh and for you Skinny-Mini’s out there, do not fear, I hear they have a wonderful mixed greens salad with a delightful vinaigrette and chicken skins- now go sit in the corner until such time as you are called upon.  We know this is not healthy, its what Elmo from Sesame Street calls a “sometime food”.  Its meant to be enjoyed.  I actually witnessed a woman order their peanut butter pie which is a homemade graham cracker crust, a layer of thick banana pudding, peanut butter mousse and fresh merengue, then proceed to complain about the calories in the dish.  The waiter was much more patient than I would have been.

Brooklyn Bridge Italian Restaurant

Brooklyn Bridge Italian Restaurant – If you and your spouse have a rare break for a date night and are looking for a quiet place to catch up with each other away from the hustle and bustle of life, then…

This. Is. Your. Place.
Get an appetizer like the Parmesan spinach artichoke dip. Get a glass of Italian wine or a Birra Moretti and enjoy time unwinding and reconnecting. Split an entree like the Chicken Parmesan or the Lasagna and save room for tiramisu or caramel pie.
Of all the places I’ve dined in Memphis, this has some of the best food, most pleasant atmosphere and is low profile enough that you can be comfortable and relax.
Local’s choice: anything + caramel pie