Muddy’s Bake Shop & Grindhouse

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Muddy’s Bake Shop – several years ago, local girl Kat Gordon was out of school and decided to collect her grandmother’s (Muddy) cake recipes and have a go at the world.  She makes excellent cakes, cupcakes, cookies and pies that are now a staple of the East Memphis Sweet Tooth.  With creative names like Grasshopper (chocolate mint), Frankly Scarlet (red velvet) and Prozac (chocolate + chocolate).

Muddy’s is more than a bakery.  Its become a local cultural hub.  For all the sugar that goes out the doors on pickup, they have cafe tables and outside patio reminiscent of a European street cafe.

With a book club and their support for local community development, their support runs deep too.  Some ill-advised troll falsely accused them for picking sides in an overblown political issue, social media roiled with support for Kat and her business causing a groundswell of new customers.

Local’s Choice: Grasshopper Cupcake – pinch off half of the cake bottom and flip it over to place it on the top, now you have a gourmet Oreo.  Level Up.

Frost Bake Shop

Frost Bake Shop is a model of culinary excellence.  Their cakes are sold commercially in restaurants throughout the Mid-South.  Their wedding cakes are magnificent and are truly wonderful tasting.  Oh by they way, they sell cupcakes, cookies and regular birthday cakes too, which means its a weekly stop for my family to get a treat.  I could talk more about it and what they offer, but you’d rather just see these pictures and stop by for some sweets.  

Bride’s Cake

Groom’s Cake
Floral Heart Cake
Psychadelic Flower Fondant Cookies – my daughter’s favorite.
Ooey Gooey Butter Cookies – my favorite
Local’s Choice: All of It and a glass of milk