Coldwell Banker: Lexie Johnston

Lexie Johnston – Lexie is extremely knowledgeable with lots of experience in the Memphis market.  She’s done everything from condo’s Downtown to large spreads in Cordova and everything in between.  Most of her sales are the Germantown, East Memphis and Midtown Markets.  She is very easy to work with and maintains a good pulse on the real estate market all over town.  I’d highly recommend working with Lexie if you’re looking to settle in the Memphis area.

Walnut Grove Animal Clinic

Walnut Grove Animal Clinic – the entire Famiglia takes their dogs and cats here.  They’re wonderful vets.  They have boarding services and grooming services as well.  Whenever we go out of town for an extended period, we’ll board our dog there and let them take care of his checkup and bath him before we pick him up.  We’re a big fan.

Hog and Hominy

Hog and Hominy – Founded in the shadow of Clark Tower by the kind of rowdy Ole Miss frat boys that your mother warned you about, Hog and Hominy is an epicurean delight.  It merges two of the heaviest styles of cooking in the world, Southern and Italian.  The menu changes with the seasons and includes masterpieces like biscuit dough gnocchi carbonara with thick sliced bacon.  The Pizza Bianca that we had was wonderful.  Except for pizza, all dishes are served on small plates meant for sharing, so order half a dozen and pass them around.

Locals choice: Moscow Mule to drink, Biscuit Gnochi, Poutine (fries, gravy, cheese curd, caputo and chili oil) and the Pizza Bianca, Peanut Butter Pie, then a cab ride home, blanket, pillow and teddy bear.

Oh and for you Skinny-Mini’s out there, do not fear, I hear they have a wonderful mixed greens salad with a delightful vinaigrette and chicken skins- now go sit in the corner until such time as you are called upon.  We know this is not healthy, its what Elmo from Sesame Street calls a “sometime food”.  Its meant to be enjoyed.  I actually witnessed a woman order their peanut butter pie which is a homemade graham cracker crust, a layer of thick banana pudding, peanut butter mousse and fresh merengue, then proceed to complain about the calories in the dish.  The waiter was much more patient than I would have been.

Crye-Leike: Brad and Jenny Merritt

Crye-Leike: Brad and Jenny Merritt: People have asked me for a good recommendation for those looking to move the Millington, Atoke, Munford area.  I’ve asked around and Brad and Jenny Merritt are the team that has come up through La Famiglia’s contact network.  If you’re going to be stationed at the Millington base and are looking for a house in that area, Team Merritt is comes the most highly recommended from the people that I trust.

Baxter Read Realty: Andy Turnage

Baxter Read Realty: I’ve known Andy since the mid 90’s.  He’s sold houses for a bunch of my friends, and they’ve all been happy with his work. He’s exceptional at helping first time buyers navigate the trials of buying a house. Andy has been in the real estate business for nearly 20 years, and has managed everything from home sales to apartment complexes.  I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a house in the Memphis area.


Dino’s Wild Game Processing

Dino’s Wild Game Processing – If you’re looking for a place to professionally process your venison or other game, then Dino’s is it.  Beyond basic processing into loins, roasts and ground, they have a wide variety of sausage, boudin, chorizo, bratwurst, polish, summer sausage and jerky.  Their venison breakfast sausage is a treat on a hot biscuit.  Their prices are fair and they work quickly.

Breakfast Sausage

Summer Sausage with Cheese



Summer Sausage

Venison Tamales

South of Beale

South of Beale -This is going to be short on purpose. SOB was an early pioneer in the Memphis Gastropub scene and the revitalization of South Main. EVERYONE that I’ve sent here has said it was one of the best meals they’ve ever had. The menu changes alot, and it’s one of the few places I’d let the chef pick a meal and just roll with it. 

Check the website out and see whats up for today’s menu.  Great bar. Great food. Great pizzas.  

If you do nothing else in town, eat here. Forget BBQ, eat here.

Elwood’s Shack

Elwood’s Shack Let me start with a few observations.  Yes, its in a Lowe’s parking lot.  Yes, there is limited seating inside.  We saw people in their Sunday best after church waiting for a table out in the sleet on a freezing day.  If the movers and shakers of Memphis will wait in a Lowe’s parking lot in the freezing rain, then Elwood’s is clearly doing something right.  

We took the family for Sunday brunch and had a wonderful Dixie Eggs Benedict (on a biscuit vice English muffin).  Little Bit’s grilled cheese was a stout affair with a serious layer of cheddar and soft whole wheat bread–she was all over it, The Wife’s Avocado Turkey sandwich on a croissant was a great as well.  This place has legendary brisket, a great smoked chicken Philly and the smoked turkey sandwich are great.

Oh by the way, their cinnamon rolls are a level up.  It tastes like they’ve used honey as the sugar base for the glaze.

Locals Choice: 

Breakfast:Dixie Benedict and Cinnamon rolls
Lunch: Chicken Philly or Brisket 

Frost Bake Shop

Frost Bake Shop is a model of culinary excellence.  Their cakes are sold commercially in restaurants throughout the Mid-South.  Their wedding cakes are magnificent and are truly wonderful tasting.  Oh by they way, they sell cupcakes, cookies and regular birthday cakes too, which means its a weekly stop for my family to get a treat.  I could talk more about it and what they offer, but you’d rather just see these pictures and stop by for some sweets.  

Bride’s Cake

Groom’s Cake
Floral Heart Cake
Psychadelic Flower Fondant Cookies – my daughter’s favorite.
Ooey Gooey Butter Cookies – my favorite
Local’s Choice: All of It and a glass of milk