Central BBQ

Central BBQ -In addition to the Memphis standards ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, they offer items like BBQ Nacho’s, BBQ Turkey Sandwich and BBQ Bologna sandwich.  This is the heart and soul of Memphis BBQ.  There are lots of locations and I eat there once every other week.  This is where locals eat BBQ for lunch and family Tuesday night dinners when work ran late and there’s nothing in the fridge.  Its fast, its good and its not expensive.  For a Memphian, eating Central is like New Englander grabbing Dunkin’ Donuts its just part of the routine.   For More Info on Memphis BBQ click here to read the BBQ reviews. 


Kobe Japanese Cuisine

Kobe Japanese Cuisine – If you’re working in Millington and looking for good Japanese food, then this is the place.  They have great yakisoba and bento box lunch specials, and the sushi combos are excellent.  Its on the short list of places in Millington that I go to for lunch.

Local’s Choice: Chicken Yakisoba/Bento Boxes

Catherine and Mary’s


Catherine and Mary’s: To quote the timeless Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride: “Let me explain – no is too long. Let me sum up.”

Catherine and Mary’s is the latest super nova of the AM Catering constellation of stars run by Memphis’s culinary dynamic duo Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman.  This new foray puts them in the heart of the South Main district in the historic Chisca Hotel apartment development near the Orpheum Theater.

With a foundation in Tuscan and Sicilian food, this is a nice dinner with craft cocktails and new riffs on old standards that will provide you with a wonderful dining experience.


Chickpeas 2


The Lookout at Bass Pro

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The Lookout at Bass Pro: Normally a giant Big Box store wouldn’t make the cut. But this happens to be the most recognizeable building on the Memphis Skyline with a 30 story restaurant overlooking downtown Memphis and the Mississippi River.

This is like the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It’s just a unique perspective in Memphis that’s hard to pass up.

Image result for lookout at bass pro

There are tickets that you have to purchase to go up but that keeps the crowd down at the top. The food isn’t particularly exceptional, but it’s good enough. The highlight here is the views and the sheer.


I like to go about an hour before sunset and get drinks and appetizers while we watch the barges ply the river and evening settle over the city back to the east. Then we typically go into downtown for dinner.

I’ve even bought an annual membership that I use to take family and clients to a truly memorable time for luncheons and apres work socials.

They have a military discount and I’d recommend buying tickets early and calling ahead to reserve tables.

The Slider Inn

The Slider Inn – Tiny masterpiece burgers and sandwiches on the most delightful porch in midtown.  They are also the only home of the lobster roll in the Mid-South. So if you’re a lost chowda-head, Red Sox fan or Maine expat, here’s your fix.
Slider inn has a deal where you can mix and match any of the sliders on the menu. So if you want a grilled skirt steak sandwich but also want to try the falafel and a gourmet PB&J, they can help a brother out.
You could eat sliders here five days in a row and not eat the same thing twice.

Local’s choice: $10 lunch deal includes 2 sliders of choice, side, soda and tip. Try any two, you won’t be sorry.


Automatic Gate

Automatic Gates Construction Company, Inc. – When we moved into our house, we had a gate put in.  The guys we used weren’t up to snuff.  Automatic Gates came out and fixed our gate a year later and told us why the original installer did it wrong.  I wish we had used them.  I’d recommend them to anyone.  They have technicians on staff so they can fix the electronics on the gates that they install.  Other companies contract that work out to independent third parties.

Automatic gate then came out several years later updated the keypad to a hardwired variety that wont fail like the wireless ones do.  They’re really great.

Ecco On Overton Park


Ecco on Overton Park is a lovely cafe tucked in the Overton Park/Evergreen neighborhood.  Its a gourmet bistro with homemade pastas, excellent salads and a chorizo burger that isnt your normal slider.

Their lunch menu is abbreviated but very good and has some of the best pasta entrees in Memphis.

I’d highly recommend it for a nice, sitdown business lunch or a dinner date with your better half.

Hog Wild BBQ Catering


Hog Wild BBQ Catering – if you’re coordinating for an event and you want real Memphis BBQ delivered with no hassle.  Ernie Mellor and Company at Hog Wild BBQ is the guy you want.  A veteran of the Memphis World BBQ Championships since the mid 80’s, Ernie’s got a rig that he’ll haul to the middle of nowhere to serve you some of the best Memphis BBQ around.  I’ve seen him at farms for the Opening Weekend of Dove Season in Arkansas to fine homes in central Memphis.  He also caters non-BBQ for weddings and other events under the name A Moveable Feast.

Cafe Eclectic

Cafe Eclectic – I’d be hard pressed to find a restaurant that took as much pride in the artisan quality of their food as their role as a community building keystone. Founded in 2008 with a location near Rhodes College, they expanded to the downtown area with a little cafe in Harbortown. In 2013, they opened their University of Memphis location.

Each of the locations serves a slightly different, eclectic menu, but the quality of freshly prepared food is wonderful. Whether you’re looking for an excellent cup of coffee and scone for a study buzz or an delicious brunch for the family, Eclectic is the place. You won’t be disappointed with what you order.

In addition to excellent coffee’s, cafe’s latte’s and such, they also do homemade sodas and Mexican Coca Cola and Fanta (made with cane sugar vice corn syrup.)

They serve black bean patties as a meat substitute, so if you’re looking for a heartier vegetarian option this is also a good spot.

Locals Choice: Diablo Wrap (above), Black Bean Wrap or the Pear and Brie Panini (Below).

Cinnamon Rolls. Yes, they MAKE cinnamon rolls. Always a go-to option regardless of the time of day.