City East

City East is the local kosher style bagel shop and deli.  Great bagels. Great breakfast skillets, and some of the best pancakes I’ve had in Memphis.

If you’re staying east of the loop in Memphis, this is a great place to go eat. 

 I used to be a regular here for a weekly breakfast before I moved further away.  I miss how those days started in their cozy little cafe with warm bagels and other great breakfast choices.

Local’s Choice: Pastrami Skillet, Pancakes and Bagels of Course


Bogies Delicatessen

Bogie’s Delicatessen and Catering Co – – Our family hits Bogie’s once a week. Be it for lunch or grabbing bagels for the week. As a purveyor of Boar’s Head Brand Meats, their cold cuts are always the highest quality.  My girls like the turkey chef salad. For dessert the brownies and key lime squares are a hit. They also have a chicken salad that is great to keep in the fridge.

To keep my man card in tact, I prefer the Phildephia Royal with Genoa Salami, Cappy ham, roast beast, provolone, lettuce and maters on a French roll. 
Local’s Choice – all of the above