Hog Wild BBQ Catering


Hog Wild BBQ Catering – if you’re coordinating for an event and you want real Memphis BBQ delivered with no hassle.  Ernie Mellor and Company at Hog Wild BBQ is the guy you want.  A veteran of the Memphis World BBQ Championships since the mid 80’s, Ernie’s got a rig that he’ll haul to the middle of nowhere to serve you some of the best Memphis BBQ around.  I’ve seen him at farms for the Opening Weekend of Dove Season in Arkansas to fine homes in central Memphis.  He also caters non-BBQ for weddings and other events under the name A Moveable Feast.

Jim Neely’s Interstate BBQ


Jim Neely’s Interstate Barbecue is a Memphis institution.  The original location is situated off of I-55 near exit #7.  When you walk in, you know you’ve got an original Memphis experience coming.  I like to get the pulled pork plate with beef sausage links. Another winner is the BBQ Spaghetti.  I always like to save room for either the pecan pie or sock it to me cake.  If you’re looking for an original Memphis BBQ stop, this is a great one.

Local’s Choice: Pulled Pork and Pecan Pie

Elwood’s Shack

Elwood’s Shack Let me start with a few observations.  Yes, its in a Lowe’s parking lot.  Yes, there is limited seating inside.  We saw people in their Sunday best after church waiting for a table out in the sleet on a freezing day.  If the movers and shakers of Memphis will wait in a Lowe’s parking lot in the freezing rain, then Elwood’s is clearly doing something right.  

We took the family for Sunday brunch and had a wonderful Dixie Eggs Benedict (on a biscuit vice English muffin).  Little Bit’s grilled cheese was a stout affair with a serious layer of cheddar and soft whole wheat bread–she was all over it, The Wife’s Avocado Turkey sandwich on a croissant was a great as well.  This place has legendary brisket, a great smoked chicken Philly and the smoked turkey sandwich are great.

Oh by the way, their cinnamon rolls are a level up.  It tastes like they’ve used honey as the sugar base for the glaze.

Locals Choice: 

Breakfast:Dixie Benedict and Cinnamon rolls
Lunch: Chicken Philly or Brisket